Lord, To Whom Shall We Go? | Ecclesiastes 4 (2022)

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how apps for the song portion of our service has been to already drive us in? In and through really the ordinary means our God has ordained right to call his church to read scripture to call his church to spend time in prayer to call his church to sit under and sting alongside one another the truth of God's word and then to be able to drive us by the text of spruce. The activity of preaching is something that God has designed. Let me come to the section of Ecclesiastes chapter 4. We are again desirous not to hear from a man or ideas of one another we are desirous to hear from God's word. We are desirous to have the word heralded by the flawed Messenger to make known the excellencies of Jesus Christ. And that's what we need to be pointed to a circle easy recipes for is where we are this morning. Obviously. I am in chapter 4 from John chapter 6, which we will end with the question that Peter really Lord to whom shall we go in some really the big idea comes right out of this texting if it please the Ashley's for but it will also draw and link us in the New Testament sense to John chapter 6 where again Peter makes that declaration or that he asked that question then he makes the statement you have the words of eternal life. No one else because Christ is the Son of God. He too possessive it and do here in the text in Ecclesiastes chapter 4. We are going to draw out this true that really continues from chapter 3 as it's kind of a hard section because actually three one all the way to the end of for should be one freaking pee and so there's a large unit there together Pastor Tim is handle the tax in Ecclesiastes chapter 3, but will jump back and kind of dropped out the main thought again from verses 9 through 15 of Ecclesiastes chapter 3, but let's read the text together at least the beginning portion of it. I will read the first 8 verses and then we'll jump into the Section title Lord to whom shall we go and Ecclesiastes 4 are done under the sun and behold tears of the oppressed and they had no one to comfort them on the side of their oppressors. There was power and there was no one to comfort them and I thought the dead were already dead more fortunate than the living who are still alive, but better than both is he who has not yet been and has not not seen the evil. Deeds are better done under the sun. Then I saw that all Toyland all skill and work come from a man's Envy of his neighbor. This also is Vanity and a striving after wind the full folded hands and eats. His own flat better is a handful of quietness than two handfuls of Toil and a striving after wind again. I saw vanity Under the Sun one person. No other either son or brother yet. There is no end to all his toil and his eyes are never satisfied with riches so that he never asked for whom am I tiling and depriving myself a pleasure. This also is Vanity and an unhappy business. Let's pray together. Father as we open up this text as we lay out Ecclesiastes 4 really drawing out a further description of what life looks like under the sun may be driven to really answer. The question. Like Peter has given the question that will be asked for more big idea that again this language of that are our lives are filled with unanswerable questions until the questions that are before I will never be solved on this side of Eternity. And so what we're called to is really assess where we will run to find the answer will we be like Peter and the other disciples the 11 or will we be like Judas what we try to find the answers ourselves as a year within the text we are reminded that do there are these questions with a globally but also personally we are reminded that do we do not possess and we will not find out all of life's answers. We know the one who does who has all of the answers and is moving all of his Free for your intended purposes may we live under you and maybe look to you for you are the one who has the words of eternal life in Christ name we pray.

As we come to this section of the text again, I've already prayed it. But let me lay out the big idea for you from this passage. The really the statement that life is filled with unanswerable question kind of leads back to clean the ashes chapter 3. He's already laid this out that there is a sovereign God in the beginning of chapter 3 who plays out the Poetry right for everything. There is a season a time for every matter under Heaven a time to be born a time to die a time to plant a time to pluck up. What is planted. So God's the one who designs it. He's the one who suffered over it. He knows exactly when it needs to happen right was a great for to call stroller. But God is perfect in all of the things that he plants and he knows exactly when it needs to be plucked up. This is this language and then he moved into this.

Justice is at the end of chapter 3 around the section that I Pastor Andy Reid for us in Ecclesiastes chapter 3:9 and following that in the midst of all of the stuff that is so messed up in life. There is a God who is Sovereign Lee at work? And do you and I may not know and understand all of his ways he knows and he's orchestrating all of these things for his intended purposes. That really is really the the lesson that life Under the Sun teaches us but both in labor and enjoyment it's filled still and heavily vanity this striving after the wind because the reality is if you labor in which what are you laboring for? Because one day you'll pass and it will all be passed on to another

But the reality is even for those of you who are enjoying retirement retirement. Kindness. If you're finding. Inspection in either you are not finding full set of fashion of God, and it's purple this emptiness vanity to continue and we see this all over the place. We see the Injustice at the end of chapter 3, but we also see the Injustice at the beginning of chapter 4. I wanted to illustrate this by defining the language of wisdom wisdom is the ability to understand and the whole truth, but also the ability you often can't read this right Google truth and wisdom is the application of it. Right and I agree with that but I think of the further definition that Solomon is aiding us worth. So here's how I Define it wisdom is the Understandable truth, but also to apply it exactly when the exact moment it is needed that's apparent do. You try to gather as much information as you can you do realize that no matter how much information you left without trying to make the best decision. You can and then applying difficult wisdom in that exact moment at the exact way in which a walk in the spirit exercise, but let me ask you is understanding.

The moment that it needs to be here in this room has have lived a perfect life what an always exercised every situation. Have you ever been in a situation where you exercise difficult roofs, but you did it in a bad way or in the wrong timing if you have boys and girls as a part of the the kids. Are you get this?

You can't treat her the same way that you will be the difference right away when they get hurt and I think this is such a scenario is that the only one who always applies perfect wisdom is God because he was at his old truth and he knows exactly what we doing. And when it needs to be done until Pastor Tim reminded us from Galatians 4 of the examples of Life of Christ, what did God do the exact and precise with the sending of a son? He's been precise all throughout all of history. There's nothing one moment where God has not applied biblical truth in his pitiful way at the exact moment. I need it. Do you understand that text is reminding us of the truth life is filled with the unanswerable question. You were going to see and hear some Frankie truly only belongs to God and the only one that you and I are dependent on each other. We need other things and other people God does not talk about the doctors of a Sadie in a little bit. This truth is language of biblical wisdom this language of life being filled with unanswerable questions. The question that I want to answer and ask over and over again in our texts this when there are unanswerable questions. Where do you run? Where do we can talk about this on a global level but we can also talk about it on a very personal level in the reality of that when we come across an unanswerable question, whether they're Mammoth or small the awesome the pattern that is often flushed out in our lives is to run to our own wisdom and to the things of Earth to somehow answer them. Have you ever had the thought that if I only had enough money?

That's a that's a money pit that you don't want to keep throwing money at cuz that's not money that will solve your problems. Actually the Bible says the more money you have the more danger you're in right? It's more tempting to trust in the funds. As I hear Solomon lays is truth out for us then in the midst of all these unanswerable questions. There is a God who we can run to he possesses all of the answers, but what he is doing is orchestrating all of these things for his intended purpose as a sovereign and life continually remind you of the truth.

Did this past election teach you that? has the following him what's happened taught you that have the four years previous to that taught you that maybe some things went the way you wanted but Withers on a global level even on a smaller scale in your own life, but we live as if work Sovereign that everything has to be about my way and the gospel of children abandon that and throwing all the water out of the sink is The Sovereign one sitting upon the throne and we can ever trust him that he's working things out in the moments and your dog is orchestrating them, but we were having family

Emphasizing the depravity of man our sin.

Neural activity and what ends up happening is that these two daughters by their own father and the birthing children and Moses tells us that come out combination of the mold and the ammonite nation of Israel cavity and how much destruction and then I said Wicked our hearts as it leaves a lot to Wicked thoughts but it desires and even activity. My ten-year-old son puts his hand up and says, but Dad.

If that's it happen when we not have Ruth was a moabite. Absolutely one hundred percent, right if you read the story and every time it's hard to always be right consequences. Would we ever know that if you were somewhere down the lineage of the one would promise in Genesis 3 would come right if it's is the point of this past. I know it's running a little more extra time an introduction to get this right now to me just as Sovereign God was working and going may be flawed and immoral and ungodly and even just said, Watch and take those things and by his handiwork orchestrate them in such a way that they can radiate to the Brilliance of his Sovereign hands. This is the point of a text in every time you and I Take Back Control our own life and live as if we are sovereign we are actually living out the opposite of what we say. We believe the sovereignty of God calls us to this truth is what we find within Ecclesiastes 3, really 9 through 15, and I won't I won't go back through the whole entire day of the text is that God is making these things beautiful in its time and it's appointed time by his design. I love the language of a verse 14. I perceive that whatever God does everything is Vanity empty, right? Look at what he says in 14, I perceive he says that whatever God does endure forever. There's the opposite and when he puts it into his hands guess what he does those things endure forever now jump in kind of really in the middle of this discussion is coming off the discussion of Injustice, but now he may Listen to this language of Oppression. So let's unpack the first point. Right and the first point being again that you are not sovereign and life continually remind you of his truth doesn't look what we see. We see that we are not sovereign first over oppression. Look for Chapter 4 verses 1 and following Injustice is followed by this language of Oppression. He says again, I saw all the impression that you're done under the sun and behold the tears of the oppressed and they have no one to comfort them on the side of their oppressors there and there is no one to comfort them. What is Solomon see these people that are in position and when they have positions, it's the language of of absolute Authority abusing absolutely, right? This is what you see you see it on a on a governmental or a global level, but you even see it I who here has not been under a boss or some kind of manager that's over you that has his own purposes in mind or her own purposes in mind and their unjust in their dealings. And they use their position not as a means to be able to advance the cause of whatever the company is, but they use their position for their own selfish interest and oppression is the is really the norm. That's all. I'm in here observes the language here when he says again, I saw he's making his observations with his senses. The language of Oppression here can be translated literally the idea of mistreating one Mexican uses this language to treat a disadvantage member of society unjustly with the effect of causing one to suffer ill treatment and Elizabeth Solomon sees you observed watches the world around him and he sees absolute power that is absolutely corrupting and he looks in it at the world around him under the sun and see if the oppressor he sees their tears and the reality is that there's nobody there to comfort them. And on the side of your oppressors is power and as a result, they continue to wield that power for their own selfish interest in in society. You find it in the hole. My dad's if you are here and you are.

Tool for your own selfish gratitude, you are just like these people thought of watching you are not using your position to serve the Christ who installed you are not using it to serve the children and the end of the greater one who has come Christ is the Son of God title and position was not used as a weapon to wield for his own selfish ambition himself in the end again, even the oppressor cannot be stopped because what often times happens in life is that does oppressor and his reign as given to another and often what we find is an another oppressor just takes his place. Just a side note. I would think that that would be a good definition of government, right? We pass on the power and often times. It's just used for their own selfish interests. There's no one there to comfort them. The language of comforting them has the idea lexicon against there being a state or a condition of finding a measure of relief from sorrow and distress.

Kids not asking for Testimony at this point, but wielding their Parenthood. Wife to husband husband to wife. Does that ever happen in the church? And this is the observation that Solomon sees he sees that everything again done under the sun is continually destructive. He says and I thought the Dead who are already dead more fortunate than the living who are still alive, but better than both is he who has not yet been and has not yet seeing the evil that are done under the sun. That's why I wrote this. I said that this Injustice it is enhanced through the comparison of the living the dead and the not yet. That's what he says.

Marion said they don't have to see it and they no longer. One of the good things about dying is that you don't have to experience Injustice. You don't have to enact Injustice. Right and you don't have to witness it anymore. But the best Foreman here has not gone through this the Injustice has that are wielded by those that are over us often. Can we sign is it continually over and over again Solomon is reminding on the empty. Life here and trying to find satisfaction as it would be fully satisfied and the things of this Earth One author uses this language tension illustrates the struggle that is a central feature of the life of Faith. Listen to this. We live in dissonance between what ought to be and what we experienced in the world. He says this we live in the interim between Miss and fulfillment. That's the time that we're living.

Going to return and take us home, right? This is a promise. That's where I am. You will be with me too. But in an internal is where we're living and it's not all yet fully fulfilled. And if he lives in this interim State, he looked at the oppressors. He looked at the difficulty around him in his assessment is the living Parable the dead are better off than art. Yes, man. They have it that's better that's better than even those two because they know how to experience any of it.

Around us is constantly bombarding us with questions that will never be answered on this side of Eternity. Like do you really think that the things that are going on even in the world today was with racial tension is going to be solved. For Christ's finishes all things in a composite bat. What time we need to be less racist there's way too much racism going on in our world are going to bring him and all those other ones going to not be racist anymore. But do you really think that the government somehow is going to turn the ship around and they're going to solve all of the problems and the Divide that's happening in our country. The reality is that I look at last question and there's so many times in which I interact with people in our church.

Somebody continue to be in office. Don't you know the answers are not found in and what is the story of lot in Genesis that do men get up. There is a sovereign God is orchestrating it and he's going to work through all of those things by his Sovereign hand for his intended purpose. Let me make this statement here at this Junction Point stop saying you believe in the sovereignty of God when you're not willing to live it. You really believe that you really hold things like this because I passed enough for 17 years. It's my 17-year the same thing.

Eyes not to look upon the things of this life, but the left of the Christ Satan can I see who looks at Sullivan looked at the world around if he knows this is not the way this is not the way that it all to happen. He continues + 4 + 5 + Heat make more observations. He says then I saw all toil and all skill and work come from a man's Envy of his neighbor. This is Vanity and striving after the wind the full fold his hands and eat his own flesh. We find that man is not stopping over oppressors. I can't undo it going to keep happening here Verses 4 and 5 open time.

in all reality strategies, very different / NV right keeping up with the Joneses number that expression right is that they see all the stuff that everybody else has they think that they should have it get married and I annoyed that they don't have all the stuff and you expect at your apartment is really small, but we all

Where is he trying to find answers you looked around and you looked at his neighbor driven by motivation of Envy here in a moment. You have a lot of stuff over here.

Did you want something just like to be able to be given her once he has a lot of stuff right of happening in the country consuming. Not only doesn't enjoy the good gift that God has given the full strategy different. I want do anything. He's lazy. Okay, we can look at these industrious who doesn't expect things to happen. What actually happens in the text is that this individual is consumed by possessions and ultimately going to die with stuff right? It's the expression I've used before he who dies last still died, right? He might have a lot of toys, but he has nothing else to consume cuz he doesn't have stuff right? So he starts to consume in a text himself. Like it's spelled cannibalizing. This is unbelievable. We see these two types of individuals that are constantly Trying to find satisfaction can't do anything about depression. Tan-tan are not sovereign over work. It's a solemn and then gives us in 6 a little window of reprieve he doesn't throw out the Book of Ecclesiastes is little breath of fresh air. He's done it earlier where God is making everything beautiful in its time, you know says I'm 6 better is a handful of quietness than two handfuls of toil and striving after the wind does language of better is introduced here in this chapter and it will continue to be used as a constructive way to be able to point out a contrast better one author says better one handful with Tranquility than two handfuls with toil go how late are the preacher season appropriate balance between work and rest as reflecting wisdom and God's order. We are actually Genesis chapter 1 and 2 or God creates any is active in working. But then on the seventh day he rest in God's better ways to submit to the headship of the Lord. And labor on to him but also in laboring for him recognizing that he gives us things and people to enjoy him this come back to the Slugger by calling him to labor over here. But it also combats and confronts the consumer who is concerned with his own personal gain and trying to find satisfaction in the things of life. This is the call really of the Gospel to find satisfaction in Christ. And when we do it will display self and contentment that little problem but he's restate better is a handful of quietness and two handfuls of toil literally has that idea better to have something even if it's

Black Friday before covid-19 and then it is better to stay at home where it's peaceful. Let it go out on Black Friday and get consumed right this illustration really helps us. The language here is a handful of quietness that the language of whiteness is a small amount that is accompanied by piece. Let me illustrate this way. This language of a better is a handful of quietness and two handfuls of a Ford hatchback escort from it was a it was a 1984 model hatchback. And this car was amazing. I had feet that can recline that use a stick to hold it up when I didn't want it to recline was one of these awesome cars right windshield wiper that every once in awhile, wanted it had at the ability heat certain is known as but not other zones after I got it right taking a vehicle in contrast with an individual. I'm coming right now. Very similar, right? We both we both park the car, but I'm telling you when I walked away from my vehicle is very different experience than that man who walked away from his right? We're doing the same activity were going to Chicago to eat that we can do but the feeling is different because I have been hit by someone and it's of junky car and then the insurance want to pay me on my phone for a taxi to me the most service right? Maybe I'll get some insurance money for what that's worth.

He's looking at all of the stuff of life and he's not necessarily rejecting all of it.

Help his people see something.

They are so desperately craving comes from the stuff of life. It would provide it with all the kids in Proverbs 15:16. You put that this way better is a little with the fear of the Lord than great treasure.

If it's the language of Philippians 4, I don't have time to get into it. But it's the language of Philippians 4 that speaks of learning where Paul has come to a place of contentment. The reality is that it's not the situation of the stuff that brings contentment. It's the Lord has it he's enough. This is what's this is what's all in here is in the same sense. He goes further in this section of the fact that we're not sovereign in and everyday continually reminds us that we are not with verses 7 & 8 where he says again. I said vanity Under the Sun one person who has no other either son or brother yet. There is no end to all his toil in his eyes are never satisfied with with riches. So he never asked for who am I calling and depriving myself a pleasure. He says this also is Vanity in an unhappy business. When does individual persons game again out of Envy or out of laziness? They are often times. The end result is the same. They're left alone. Either saving for someone who is going to squander it later at Solomon finds in his own life or not laboring at all and being in a constant state of need and toil there is therefore no end to these individuals or for these individuals and there is no rest. It's like so different than the gospel call of what Christ called we find this again over and over again in the text of scripture that life is filled with these situations unanswerable question. The question is where and who or rather who will you run to for the answers life teaches that you're not sovereign what else is like teaches you are not self-sufficient and you continually display this truth Solomon moves from the discussion of sovereignty to really the discussion of Independence or even interdependence the realities of the only one who is completely and absolutely not needing anything or anyone is God himself. It's a doctrine of asperity. You've heard me use this doctor before don't remember Sadie John frame right this way. He says it says Define it means that he is sufficient to himself independent of anything outside of him. God's eternality is his ass a d with respect of time. He's the Lord of time existing above and apart from it, but free to enter to enter it to accomplish his purpose of the reality is that if we don't look as if we are self-sufficient that we don't need anyone there are people who will say this often times get some property.

Really even those people who are living in the bush need someone right before I'm there into the bush material to be flown in and Ariel. You need the would you need the animals? You need a. There's lots of things we need.

God designed us to live because we are wholly different than him. He's the only one who can live independently and it's completely self-sufficient. He needs no one nothing you realize it when we get together as a church every Sunday and we corporately worship you and I need encouragement don't we we need to be participating in that activity or living out the Christian life somehow. He said that he has met you and me that's not who God is It's a solemn in here lays off his language of the fact that we are not self-sufficient that we are continually displaying this truth because of the fact that we need others and we need the things that God has given to us within creation. So how does this impact with their inverse 9 Paul uses again? This construction is really a poetic way of doing it. He goes two are better than one. That was an impact that right. Why why why are you better than one because they have good reward for their Toil and he says all of life is Mannitol up to all toil in life is Vanity, but some toilet is not as empty as it should remind right but at the same time

Better than one because they have a good reward for their toil why let me illustrate. It's almost dies when will lift up his fellow but woe to him who is the first 11. Here's another one again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone and do a man might Prevail against one who is alone who will stand behind him a three-fold cord is not easily broken the Fuller section of this language of better again take Center Stage unlike the one who goes it alone, which we often times love and we think that we want Life teaches us that that's not how God doesn't mean that God continues to call us not that the relationship but uses the means of those are around us as a part of his design to enable us to live unto him. I love what Sydney Gordana says in his commentary about the Believers in Acts chapter to the church that with burst. He says this early Christians were not Moana reminder anything that has hopefully taught us that isolation is not good watching on a screen is not sufficient to be with God's people is essential cuz God designed it this way and times it's just so contrary to how we want to live this language in 9 language of to being better than one uses an m and end points to the fact that they do have a good reward for their labor. There is the language of good reward has the idea of there's something that's profitable that comes out of I ain't trying to do stuff alone. It's really hard enough to still do single and full mattresses by yourself, the queen and the King holding over how much easier he shares with us really God's Design This is what God has done as a good gift one another to be able to accomplish the things that he calls us to for two are better than one and uses multiple free illustration. They all are saying the same thing the language year. The first illustration that is used is in pain for if they fall one will lift up his fellow

Something to the effect when you're by yourself in Alaska or by yourself, wherever really careful and no one there to help you write look like you could be doing something as simple as like splitting firewood. What if you miss? You're a big trouble and one of them warm think of it this way kids, right? And unlike the wisdom that he was taught you runs out there in the middle of a snowstorm without gloves and he decides to shovel his driveway he comes inside and what's wrong with your hands look for a warm body child exercise a principal are far better served to go into Flash The Flash contact, but do you notice what God is doing? He's reminding us not just that he designed us to be in relationship even expand an application to the church and I was called us into one body, but he doesn't eat something even greater than just helping us to see that he designed this pretty designs. Guess what whether you think so or not? We're all blind to our cells aren't we were all supposed to feed and some God allows us a community with one another be able to watch this out as a win a brother or sister comes to you whether you're the pastor or your the laity. Hopefully they come filled with the spirit of God, but at the same time when they come recognize that God may be using that exact tool to design things in a quarter for his purposes that they're seeing things that you don't see an ultimately he tends that section after talking about the falling about the warmth in Altamonte. Even the attack two are better than one the ends with this illustration is little proverb. A343 fold cord is not quickly broken. You've heard this proverb in what context mostly wedding

The one quart is the woman that one's rope at another string. It's another string and you twist it and those three Twisted together are stronger than just one because if it was the man the woman and the other one is God.

All he saying is the benefit of having another is God's design and he put them there by his kindness to be able to use to benefit not just his purposes. But ultimately even I think it's this language is the language of what one commentator says he says one is bad to is good. How much better is 3D soliman is concluding again language of tying a rope together in this way really benefits not just the individual and the individuals involved but ultimately the purposes of God this commentator who said one is bad to is good in 3 is how much better is 3 goes on and he uses us another translation and try and take this way in the section if two righteous people in a generation are useful how much more useful are three rights of people in a generation. There's a benefit to how God has designed us. In his book for loves by CS Lewis. He illustrates at this time does read you this quote? He says each of my friends. There is something that only some other friend can fully bring out by myself. I'm not large enough to call the whole man into activity. I want other light than my own to show all of his facets. Hence true friendship is the least jealous of love two friends Delight to be joined by 1/3 and 3 by 1/4. If only the newcomer is qualified to become a real friend. They can then stay as the Blessed Solstice in Toronto Here Comes one who will augment our love for in this love to divide is not to take away. Do you believe that The song I believe that somehow you're better alone. You're not the only one who's better alone God.

Be strengthened by that God made us so that we are defending people who are not self-sufficient in self-contained as much as our American Heritage wants to tell us that we are and I think the independence in which its use that way is helpful, but not one of these two applications like this. We don't need solos. We don't need Lone Ranger's the body of Christ does not function that way it never has gotten always done it with him community. So the better way then is how God has designed it to orchestrate all of these things for his purposes. He continues to remind us over and over again of the benefit of two rather than one then he moved into another illustration is section the last section of this proof Fe where he's dancing verse 13 this is better was a poor and wise you set an old and foolish King who no longer knew how to take advice where you went from prison to the throne do in his own kingdom has been born before I saw all the living who moved about Under the Sun along with that you supposed to stand in the Kings place. There was no end of all the people all of them later will not rejoice in him. Surely. This also is Vanity and a striving after wind. This is one of those sections where Solomon gives us kind of a self confession. Solomon here saw the benefits and his early rain and the wisdom of being able to gain gain Council from others. But is he going to screw in his wisdom that God granted to him? I think they're became a self-sufficiency and a sovereignty that continued to rule in his thinking an action. I don't need anyone I can make the right decision. I didn't what happens with Solomon and 1st Kings win the queen if she becomes is it inflated it had somebody I'm not actually the wisest to ever live according not just a man but God even said I was at the end of his life. He looks and he says, you know what better than individuals that have wisdom and see the benefit of to being better than being better than an Old King. I'm 42 years old turning 43 this year. I don't song. Tell you something happening in my heart as I get older. I'm going to wait till then I can go to the bathroom or Solomon. He was saying is that if we don't observe the thing that got to put around us and all of the turmoil and the unanswerable question. We're going to live like this being like himself finding wisdom in an oven self. And as a result instead of living for Christ, you're going to live unto yourself. Home in the mountains the same want to see a fool and this section and searching the following his look for the one where the person who was unteachable. Even if you want he is the king an older kinguin unteachable is better replaced by a poor but yet wise youth who is teachable one commentator. Kidner says this it may come to it that a better man supplants him and he is better if he has the right qualities, whatever his lack of years or standing as verse 13 points out go Hollister the preacher with his way of bringing a scene vividly before us pictures of the TD passes mass of men and sees them on the side of the newcomer young as he is and innumerable as they are more beneficial.

And when that time comes that I can't function in the world.

What are common with each sometimes a cynicism? and it comes with an unteachable Spirit rain, we're all flawed but we have an older generation that is not just serving and thinking about Christ, but they're also start thinking about the Next Generation and I don't want to be the old cranky Pastor Sunday looking at

And guess what they're going to do things that I want. It doesn't mean my influence to try to get what I want to end up like Solomon under my life and younger man who doesn't have the experience, but it's teachable.

Desert include the section how do we conclude this right through the text of Ecclesiastes 4 we are reminded that the Injustice is Under the Sun is rampant. We are not to erect a Chrysler told us to live as if we are The Sovereign one that position account has already been taken and it is in the perfect sinless hands of Jesus. Define within the life of price is at this is ultimately what he even called his own two very quickly. If you have your Bibles turn to John chapter 6 look at John's six. Let me end with this section. What do you find in this section of the narrative is a Jesus is just fed. The 5000 is walk on water. And he has laid out the truth. If you look at your headers that he is the bread of life section on the bread of life. He began in verse 53 of John chapter 6 The Flesh of the son of man and drink his blood you have known you have no life in me understand what he meant who is leader such a cactus saying This is disgusting and what we actually find within this language of the text is that when many of his disciples harder than 460 look at what happened? They say this is a hard saying who can listen to it snowing in himself in his disciples were grumbling about that take offense. If you were to see the son of man, he was before it is the spirit who gives life. The flesh is no help at all. The words that I'm smoking to you are spirit and life is but there are some of you who do not believe any specifically is going to address and we find it a text to 465 and he said this is why I told you that no one can come to me unless it is granted to him by the father after this. We're 666 many of his disciples not his 11 or 12 many turn back and no longer walk with him. So Jesus said to the 12, do you? Want to go away as well. They didn't understand it from a human level. They were looking at life through the under the sun. If you don't drink for my blood, but they didn't understand this concept and it's too difficult for them and ultimately instead of looking to Christ and asking him. What are you have to say about this. Can you join us back to the father? They look at the things around them and the reason of their own thinking and at the end result is that he's the type of many of them from that time forward sees from following Jesus Christ then speaks up as Jesus and asks, do you want to go with them Simon Peter answered Lord to whom shall we go? Everyone we left everything as a question. He actually answers it with the statement that follows. He said Lord to whom shall we go? He says you have the words of eternal life and we have believed in a come to know that you are the Holy One Of God Jesus answered them. They're not choose you the one of you in the devil. He spoke of Jesus the son of Simon Iscariot for he one of the 12 was going to betray him those who walked away from Christ. We're not just those disciples that day. There was still one who was going to walk away. But we find is that the 11 got it the 11th through the confession of Peter affirmed by staying the day to believe that Jesus is the only one sent from God to understood that he is the one who's orchestrating all of these things out for his intended purposes the text of Ecclesiastes 4 in John 6 call us to recognize that do our vision is often compared by the world. Thin and the world without the gospel of Christ continues to call us to look to Christ Alone. Don't let me let me add this as a side note. This does not negate our need to engage others around us and confront sin in us and around us. Do you understand one thing I like what one commentator says he says that is another sermon for another day. It's in a different tax. This text is reminding us that again, the things that are unanswerable are not there to cause us to be disillusioned. It's not to make our vision more blurry who has all the answers and not to expect him to tell us an answer all of the questions that are unanswerable but simply like he always done he doesn't give us the answers always give us some stuff.

Eternal life here in this text. We are reminded that do our vision is blurred vision a perfect right one commentator says Jesus wants us to focus our lives not on Gathering possessions, but the focus on God on promoting the kingdom of God and his righteousness what Dan about food and drink and clothing. He says don't worry, right? These are the things that the Gentiles worry about Matthew 6 31 through 33 fish drying after these things and indeed your heavenly father knows that you need all these things. But he says try first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you as well the language of the taxes to be content with what the Lord has started to you and don't get sucked into the wheel of South for the will of others like Christ live for the glory and the will of God alone again where Donna says this in a desert of wickedness, ruthless competition a rat race a dog-eat-dog world, we can experience an oasis of joy and Tranquility when we don't follow the crowd and working to pile up cuz I enjoy your work with kindness and your heavenly father will provide your every father help us as we are a people who often times things that somehow our vision is not blurred.

Do we possess the answers the unanswerable question? Why is there a Justice?

Why are things the way that they are why isn't?

to feel the tension of promise to fulfillment You do know that God promised, right? You do believe that you will finish it, right, but you feel the tension. I know these last weeks in Ecclesiastes has been a bit heavy. And my prayers are Pastor has been that you would be able to feel it. But not let it destroy you or discourage you because you're out Ecclesiastes and it will turn here at once I get past 5 it'll turn we're giving these glimpses of fearing the Lord and how much better it is for us to live with a hand that open letting the Lord use these things for his purposes aligning our will with him from Big to small. And how you would use those things to ultimately bring about his intended good not just in our lives before his glory father 8 or we are people who are nearsighted. We are people who are blurry vision of the word of God continues to be used by the spirit of God and a life that you've given in Christ Jesus everything that our hearts desire for when we see him. We will not only seek him but I do a promise we will find him if we search with all our heart and may we be the father knowing that father son and spirit receive all the praise. Port in Christ's name we pray.

You are dismissed.

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