Episode 005: Donald and the Beanstalk (2022)

Episode 005: Donald and the Beanstalk (1)

Donald and the Beanstalk is the 5th episode of the 1st season. It aired on Playhouse Disney on May 27, 2006.


  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Mousketools
  • 3 Characters
  • 4 Snacks
  • 5 Transcript
  • 6 Allusions
  • 7 Trivia


Donald trades his Boo Boo Chicken to Willie the Giant for magic beans that grow into a beanstalk. So Mickey and Goofy climb the beanstalk to help Donald get his Boo Boo Chicken back.


  1. Sticky Tape
  2. Gold Keys
  3. A Bubble Machine
  4. A Magnifying Glass
  5. A Teddy Bear


  • Mickey Mouse
  • Minnie Mouse (Intro and Hot Dog Dance Only)
  • Daisy Duck (Intro and Hot Dog Dance Only)
  • Pluto
  • Goofy
  • Donald Duck
  • Boo Boo Chicken (debut)
  • Willie the Giant (debut)


Strawberries at Minnie's House


Sonny Lee: Hey Look It's My Friend Mickey Mouse!

Mickey: Hey, everyone. It’s me Mickey Mouse. Say, you Wanna Come inside my clubhouse?

Sonny Lee: Yes! (Chuckles)

Mickey: Well, alright, let’s go. Oh I almost forgot. To make the clubhouse appear, we need to say the magic words. Meeska mooska Mickey Mouse! Say it with me. Meeska mooska Mickey Mouse.

[Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song]

Man: Roll call! Donald?

Donald: Present!

Man: Daisy?

Daisy: Here!

Man: Goofy?

Goofy: Here!

Man: Pluto?

Pluto: [barks]

Man: Minnie?

Minnie: Here!

Man: Mickey?

Mickey: Here!

[Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song]

Mickey: It’s The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Ha Ha! Donald and the Beanstalk!

Mickey: Welcome To Our Clubhouse Everybody!

[Pluto barks]

Mickey: Sounds like my dog, Pluto.

[Pluto comes in and jumps on Mickey]

Mickey: Down boy! Gosh!

[Doorbell rings]

Mickey: Hey look! It’s Donald! Hiya, Donald.

Donald: Hi, Mickey. Look what I got, [holds 5 magic beans] Magic beans.

Mickey: Magic beans? Where’d you get those?

Donald: From the Giant. I traded my Boo Boo Chicken for 5 beans.

Mickey: I don’t believe it. You traded Boo Boo Chicken for 5 magic beans?

Donald: Uh Huh!

Mickey: How do you know they’re magic?

Donald: Hocus pocus! (Nothing happens)

Mickey: Uh, Donald, those beans are not magic. I think you’ve been tricked.

Donald: Tricked?! Aw, phooey! I want my Boo Boo Chicken back.

Mickey: Gee, Boo Boo Chicken was the nicest chicken you ever had. He always made you laugh, and he always danced with you.

Donald: And he gave the nicest hugs ever. Aw, Boo Boo Chicken. My chicken.

Mickey: I know. We can get Donald’s chicken back so he’ll be happy again.

Sonny Lee: Good thinking.

Mickey: Will you help get Donald’s chicken back?

Sonny Lee: Yes, thanks.

Mickey: Sounds great!

Donald: You will? Oh boy! (x3)

(Mouskedoer song)

Mickey: Mouske - hey mouske - hi mouske- ho!

Mouske ready Mouske set here we go!

You’re a thinking and solve it work it through her!

Mouske you Mouske me Mouskedoer

Meeska mooska Mouskedoer!

Mousketools! (x3)

Chorus: Here are your mousketools!

Mickey: A bubble machine, a magnifying glass, sticky tape, gold keys, and the mystery mousketool. That’s a surprise tool that can help us later. Look! It’s Toodles! Hi, Toodles! Oh gosh! Hey there! Toodles is gonna bring our mousketools when we need them.

(Song ends)

(Mickey and Donald go outside the clubhouse. Goofy arrives)

Goofy: Hey, fellas! What’s going on?

Mickey: We’re on our way to see the Giant.

Goofy: The Giant?! What for?!

Mickey: Donald traded Boo Boo Chicken to the Giant for magic beans.

Goofy: You traded cute little sweet little Boo Boo Chicken for a bunch of beans?!

Donald: (depressed) Yeah. I did.

Mickey: But we’re gonna get him back.

Goofy: Gosh, the Giant lives all the way up in a big barn in the clouds. How are we gonna get up there?

Mickey: Hmm. There must be something we can use to climb up to the clouds.

Donald: Not these beans, that’s for sure. (Throws the beans in anger) They’re useless!

(The beans land on the ground. Then a Giant beanstalk grows)

Mickey: Do you see anything we can use to climb up to the clouds?

Sonny Lee: Behind you! There’s a beanstalk!

Mickey: Where? Behind us?

(Mickey, Donald, and Goofy look up to see the beanstalk)

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: Whoa!

Mickey: Hot Dog, Donald! You were right! Those beans were magic. Look! They turned into a Giant beanstalk.

Goofy: Gosh! And it’s reaching all the way up into the clouds.

Donald: Boo Boo Chicken! (Climbs the beanstalk but slips) Aw, phooey. We’ll never climb this beanstalk.

Mickey: Sure we can. We just gotta figure out the pattern of these branches. The pattern is...little, little, big.

Donald: Little, little, big.

Goofy: Little, little, big.

Mickey: Right. OK, say the pattern with us while we climb. (Climbs the beanstalk) Little, little, big.

(Mickey, Donald, and Goofy climb the beanstalk and chant “Little, little, big”)

Mickey: We’re almost at the top. Say it two more times.

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: Little, little, big. (x2)

(Suddenly, a crack is heard. The top of the beanstalk begins to tilt)

Mickey: Oh no! The beanstalk is breaking!

(We see a huge crack on the beanstalk)

Donald: What?!

Goofy: The beanstalk is bean-ing - I mean, the beanstalk is breaking?!

Mickey: We’re gonna need a mousketool to fix the beanstalk. Everybody say “Oh Toodles!”.

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: Oh Toodles!

(Toodles appears)

Mickey: Sticky tape, a magnifying glass, gold keys, a bubble machine, or the mystery mousketool. What can we use to fix the beanstalk.

Sonny Lee: Let’s use the tape!

Mickey: The sticky tape, right. We got ears, say “Cheers!”.

(Toodles gives Mickey the tape. Mickey places the tape around the beanstalk’s huge crack)

Goofy: Hooray!

Mickey: We fixed the beanstalk.

Donald: Ah. That was close.

Mickey: Come on, we’re almost at the top.

(The trio climb to the top of the beanstalk)

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: Little, little, big. (x2)

Mickey: We climbed to the top of the beanstalk. All right. Now we need to find the giant’s barn. Do you see the barn. You do? Where?

Donald and Goofy: There!

Mickey: Yeah, there it is! Right on top of that cloud. Do you see anything we can use to get to the barn?

(Clouds fly up to the cloud)

Donald: Oh, the clouds, the clouds!

Mickey: Right. We can jump across the clouds all the way to the barn. Let’s count how many clouds we have to jump. Count with me. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 7. We have to jump 7 clouds. Jump and count with us.

(Mickey, Donald, and Goofy jump from cloud to cloud and reach the barn on the clouds)

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7!

(all cheering)

Mickey: Hooray! We made it across all 7 clouds. Good jumping, everyone.

Goofy: Look! Footprints!

Mickey: Oh boy, maybe they’ll lead us to Boo Boo Chicken.

Donald: I can’t see anything.

Mickey: Gee, those footprints are small. We’re gonna need a mousketool to make the footprints bigger. Everybody say “Oh Toodles!”.

Donald and Goofy: Oh Toodles!

(Toodles appears out of a cloud and displays the remaining mousketools)

Mickey: A magnifying glass, gold keys, a bubble machine, or the mystery mousketool. What can we use to make the footprints bigger? The magnifying glass, right. We got ears, say “Cheers!”.

(Toodles gives Mickey a giant magnifying glass)

Mickey: I see cow prints. Mouse prints.

Goofy: Mouse prints.

Mickey: What kind of prints are these? Yeah, chicken prints. These chicken prints must belong to Boo Boo Chicken.

Donald: Oh boy! (x3) Here we come, Boo Boo Chicken!

Mickey: Let’s follow them. (The chicken prints lead the trio to the barn) Which way do the chicken prints lead to? To the left or the right? The right! Yes! Come on, let’s follow them!

(the trio go to the right.)

Mickey: Now which way do the prints lead? Left or right? The left! You got it!

(the trio head to the left)

Mickey: (He, Donald, and Goofy arrives at the barn) I see red.

(We pan out to see the Giant’s barn)

All: Wow!

Mickey: It’s the barn.

Goofy: Gosh! That’s where the Giant lives!

Donald: Where’s my chicken?! Boo Boo Chicken?! Hey look!

Mickey: 3 animal pens.

Goofy: Big, medium, and small.

Mickey: Maybe Donald’s Boo Boo Chicken is in one of those pens. Let’s listen. Big.

(Cow moos)

Mickey: Medium.

(Sheep bleats)

Mickey: Small.

(Chicken clucks)

Mickey: Which pen is Donald’s chicken in? The small pen. Right. Come on, let’s go!

Donald: Here I come, Boo Boo Chicken!

(Loud snoring)

Goofy: That sounds like the giant! Aaahh!

Mickey: Shh! (Whispers) We gotta be quiet so we don’t wake up the Giant.

(We see Willie the Giant sleeping in a bed)

Mickey: There he is.

(Willie snores and sleeps)

Mickey: Listen guys, we have to tiptoe the small pen so we don’t wake up the Giant. Will you help us tiptoe. Great! First, let’s stand up. On your feet. Now tiptoe with us.

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: Tiptoe. (x9)

(Goofy trips on a bucket and falls onto Donald)

Donald: Ouch! Goofy!

Goofy: Sorry!

Mickey: Tiptoe faster!

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: Tiptoe tiptoe tiptoe! (x9)

Mickey: All right!! We made it to the small pen.

Donald: Where’s my Boo Boo Chicken?

Goofy: Gosh. The pen is locked.

Donald: (looks at a lock on the pen’s door) Oh rats.

Mickey: Oh No The Door Won't Open!

Donald: Mickey?

Mickey: How We Going To Open The Door?

Goofy: Mickey?

Mickey: The Door is Locked!

Goofy, and Donald: Mickey!!

Mickey: Yeah?!

Donald: We Need To Open The Door So We Can Find Boo Boo Chicken!

Mickey: We’re gonna need a mousketool to open the lock. Everybody whisper “Oh Toodles.”.

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: (whispers) Oh Toodles.

(Toodles appears)

Mickey: Gold keys, a bubble machine, or the mystery mousketool. What can we use to open the lock. The gold keys, right. We got ears, whisper “Cheers.”.

Donald and Goofy: (whispers) Cheers.

Mickey: OK, the lock is triangle shaped. Which key is triangle shaped? The one in the middle, you got it.

(Mickey uses the triangle key to open the door)

Goofy: Look at all those chickens.

Donald: We’ll never find Boo Boo Chicken here.

Mickey: We sure will, Donald. What does Boo Boo Chicken look like? Right. He is a yellow chicken with a big beak and big tail feathers. Let’s look at the yellow chickens. Does the first chicken have a big beak? No! Does the second chicken have a big beak? Yes! Does the third chicken have a big beak or a small beak? Wow! That’s a bigger beak. Which chicken has big tail feathers? That one. You got it.

Donald: Boo Boo Chicken! (Boo Boo Chicken hops into a basket)

Mickey: Oh boy, we found Boo Boo Chicken.

Donald: I’m so happy, thank you.

Boo Boo Chicken: (clucks loudly)

(Willie suddenly wakes up)

Willie: I was asleep.

All: Uh-oh!

Willie: Fee fi fo fum! I smell a mouse, duck, and dog! Yum! Yum!

Goofy: It’s the Giant, aaahhh!

Mickey: He’s waking up!

Donald: Let’s get out of here!

(Mickey, Donald, and Goofy run as the Giant chases them)

Mickey: We need a mousketool to slow down the Giant. Everybody say “Oh Toodles!”.

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: Oh Toodles!

(Toodles appears)

Mickey: A bubble machine or the mystery mousketool. What can we use to slow down the Giant.

Goofy: (chuckles) Bubbles!

Mickey: Do you think bubbles will slow down the Giant? Yeah, maybe he’ll play with them. We got ears, say “Cheers!”.

(Toodles gives Mickey a bubble machine. It starts blowing bubbles at Willie)

Willie: Oh, bubbles. (Pops bubbles and giggles) I like bubbles.

Donald and Goofy: All right.

Mickey: Good job, everyone.

(Mickey, Donald, and Goofy rush to the beanstalk.)

Mickey: To climb down the beanstalk, we have to say the pattern backwards. We have to say “Big, little little.”. Come on, say it with us.

(Mickey, Donald, and Goofy climb down the beanstalk and chant “Big, little, little”)

Mickey: Wow....we gotta say it faster.

(The Giant climbs down the beanstalk. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy climb down and chant “Big, little, little”)

Mickey: All right! We made it all the way down the beanstalk.

Donald: Aw, Boo Boo Chicken, I’m so glad I found you. (Boo Boo Chicken clucks)

Willie: Fee fi fo fum! (Jumps onto solid ground)

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: (gasp) The Giant!

Willie: I want that chicken. (Goofy faints)

Donald: Not a chance! Boo Boo Chicken is my chicken!

Mickey: Uh-Uh, um, excuse me, Mr. Giant, sir. Boo Boo Chicken is Donald’s pet chicken and he didn’t mean to trade him.

Donald: Yeah, I made a mistake.

Willie: But I gave you magic beans.

Mickey: Well, Mr. Giant, you can have magic beans, but look, they grew into a big magical beanstalk.

Willie: (sniffles) But I want Boo Boo Chicken. (The Giant sheds tears. Goofy opens an umbrella that tears fall on) He’s so cuddly and huggable and cute.

All: Aw.

Goofy: Poor Giant. He wants someone to hug.

Mickey: Hmm, I know. Maybe a mousketool can help. Who do we call?

Donald and Goofy: Oh Toodles!

(Toodles comes down the beanstalk. He circles the Giant and then displays the last mousketool)

Mickey: We’ve used almost all our mousketools. That means it’s time for the mystery mousketool. Everybody say “Mystery mouseketool!”.

Donald and Goofy: Mystery mousketool.

Mickey: What’s today’s mystery mousketool?

(The question mark disappears, revealing a teddy bear)

Mickey: A teddy bear. Can we give the Giant a teddy bear to cuddle and hug? You betcha! We used all our mousketools! Say “Super cheers!”.

(Toodles gives a teddy bear to Mickey)

Mickey: Here you go, big guy. (Gives the teddy bear to Willie)

Willie: A little teddy for me? (Chuckles and hugs the teddy bear) He’s so cute. Who’s a toody woody teddy weddy?

Mickey: I think he likes it.

Willie: You can keep Boo Boo Chicken. I’ve got a teddy for me.

Donald: Oh, goody. I love you, Boo Boo Chicken. (Boo Boo Chicken clucks)

All: Hooray!

(Goofy's Stomach Grumbles)

Mickey: Hey, is That Another Giant?

Goofy: No. It Was My Stomach Tell Me Am Hungry I Am!

Minnie: Hey Wanting Have a Snack at My House? We Have Strawberries!

Mickey: yeah!

Goofy: Strawberries? Yum!

Mickey: Come on, everyone, stand up. It’s time to do the mousekedance!

[The Hot Dog Dance Song Plays]

Mickey: Gee, it sure was fun today saving Boo Boo Chicken from the Giant. We used sticky tape to fix the beanstalk. We used a magnifying glass to make the chicken prints bigger. We used a triangle key to open the chicken pen’s lock. We used a bubble machine to slow down the Giant, and we gave the Giant a Teddy bear. Now he has something to cuddle and hug.

Donald: And I got Boo Boo Chicken back. Thanks everyone.

Mickey: What a Hot Dog day!

[Hot Dog Dance Continues Playing]

Mickey: That’s me!

[The Hot Dog Dance Song Ends]

Mickey: See you real soon!

Mickey: Later!

Goofy: Later!

Donald: See you!

Minnie: See you Later!

(Mickey Opens The Door and Closes The Door)

(Goofy Opens The Door)

Goofy: Fe Fin Fu Fum!

(Closes The Door)


  • Title: Donald and the Beanstalk - The title is a play on the story, Jack and the Beanstalk


  • This is the only episode to have five mousketools instead of four or three.
  • This episode appeared on DVD 1.5 episodes Minnie's Bow Tique.
  • The episode has a similar plot to the story Jack and the Beanstalk and other episodes that reference Jack and the Beanstalk.

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