10+ Answers to "Why Are You Interested in This Position?" (2022)

When employers ask, “Why did you apply for this position?” or "Why are you interested in this position?" It might seem obvious to the job seeker. Of course, the job seeker applied to the position because they need an income. But that’s not what the employer is looking for nor asking. This standard first interview question initiates the conversation between the candidate and the hiring manager and can guide the interview's remainder.

What questions to look for

Variations of this interview question that can get asked on a phone interview, Zoom interview, or face-to-face job interview include:

  • “Why are you applying for this job?”
  • “Why are you interested in this position?”
  • “What interests you about this position?”
  • ""Why are you interested in this job?"

Tip: Don't confuse this with other common job interview questions. Like, "Why do you want to work here?" or "Why do you want to work at this company?" They will ask this question similarly to the questions mentioned above.

Jared Brox describes, "passionate employees are engaged employees. They believe in the work they do and that they have a vested interest in the success of their company." As Jared alludes, passion is precisely the reason why this interview question gets prompted to candidates.

Why do employers try to gauge the passions of their employees before hiring them?

It comes down to employee turnover or “churn.” In human resources, turnover is the act of replacing an employee with a new employee. And hiring managers and human resources teams often measure employee turnover rates or employee turnover ratio. Anja Zojceska of TalentLyft describes employee turnover as “a measurement of how many employees are leaving a company.”

Anja Zojceska goes on to explain this problematic issue for employers, “A high employee turnover rate is an expensive problem. When employees leave, a company has to replace them with new hires. Replacing employees costs a lot of money. According to The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) research, direct replacement costs can reach as high as 50%-60% of an employee’s annual salary, with total costs associated with turnover ranging from 90% to 200% of annual salary.”

This problem is precisely why the hiring manager or recruiter asks this interview question, to prevent employee turnover.

10+ Answers to "Why Are You Interested in This Position?" (1)

"Why Are You Interested In This Position?"

When the hiring manager asks this question, it’s about gauging interest and passion. Interest and passion help prevent employee turnover rate within the company. If an employee has a high degree of passion for their work, it’s far less likely that they will become frustrated. And feel the need to resign.

Suppose the interviewer hears a calculated answer from the job candidate. In that case, they can feel more comfortable and confident knowing that the candidate and potential employee has intention with their work. And with the employment opportunity. Also, the reason should be sufficient to show long-term commitment to the business. Rather than learning a skill quickly and moving onto a new job opportunity. Resulting in more employee turnover.

Suppose a job candidate hears this interview question. The candidate should think of the keyword’s passion and relevance.


How to Answer “Why Did You Apply for This Position?”

To answer this interview question correctly, the candidate must have two pieces of relevant information to compare and contrast. The first piece of information is career aspirations. The second piece of data is the job description or work culture (or company culture). Tip: Make sure to speak to what you see on the job description.

Career aspirations

The first step in answering this interview question is determining our career aspirations as a candidate. The goal of the aspirations is to have a career path in mind that the candidate will share with the potential employer.

For example, knowing that the employee has career goals and aspirations can become an executive-level manager one day. The purpose of becoming an executive-level manager is not what’s going to get shared with the hiring manager.

Take time to consider how this job will align with those career aspirations and the career path. Write down one to three bullet points that describe career goals that are 5-years or more from the current date. The bottom line, make it seem like the job is more important than a paycheck. And consider how this opportunity will help your next job.

Job opportunity

The next step in answering this question and structuring the right answer is to determine what the job will provide the candidate. Provide along the way of a career path. Look through the company website, LinkedIn, and other brand assets to determine what opportunities are available within the company.

Review the job description or job advertisement to get a sense of the job title and role to expose the future employee. Use that information to assist in structuring a contrast and comparative. In this way, an answer can be structured that would benefit the candidate and the employer.

For example, presuming the employee wants to become a CTO. And the position is a software engineering management position. Here is what the answer might look like.

CTO example

“One day, I’d love to become a CTO. I’ve worked with several CTOs that have become mentors to me. And I would love to become more like them. To do that, I have to start small. And gaining experience in a software engineering management position will expose me to communication, coordination, and goals. All that I have not yet been held accountable for in the past. I feel ready for that.”

Another example, presuming the employee wants to run their own business someday. And the position is a retail position. Here is what the answer might look like.

Run their own business example

"A substantial career aspiration for me is to develop a brand with a healthy amount of customer loyalty. And do so by executing what I see this company doing. That includes great customer service and knowledge of products. Or customized and tailored ways of addressing the customer problem. And building a long-lasting relationship with the customer through high-quality services. And while it's an aspiration to become a manager or maybe one day have my own business. I see a long road ahead where I need to gain proper knowledge, experience, skills, and expertise in the field. This position will expose me to some of those skills and the proper knowledge to start my career path. I'm able to use my knowledge of the products and services to provide an optimal customer experience. And then, in return, learn more about how to operationalize and commercialize a business of this kind."

Another way to think about this step is to consider what the particular position will allow the candidate to gain. Allowing them to gain work experience, soft skills, hard skills (like a specific technical skill), or other intangible assets.

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Putting it all together

To structure a great answer to this question, it’s about finding the employer and the employee’s aligned opportunity. The employer will ask qualifying questions to help them gain further insight. Insight into what value they will receive if they choose to provide a job offer.

But to get that step, the candidate must display conscious reasoning for why they are applying for the position. The reason needs to consist of career aspirations, an opportunity to develop skills or experience in the job opportunity. And a shared understanding between the employer and employee.

Once the candidate has demonstrated their reason for applying to the position, it is optional, but encouraged to ask the interviewer a question. A great question like, “Do you feel like this job opportunity aligns well with those career objectives?”

The question won’t distract from the remainder of the interview. And can encourage a more informal discussion between interviewer and interviewee.

A job candidate should answer the interview question under 90-seconds to keep the hiring manager or recruiter engaged. To achieve this, the job applicant should perform a “mock interview” with a friend or family member. It will help to recite the interview answer more effectively.

Good and Bad Example Answer

Here is an example of a wrong answer and a good answer to this question to put the method to use.

Wrong answer

Wrong answer: “This is my dream job. I noticed this came up on my job alerts. And I noticed how much compensation the position was providing. I have a family at home, three young children, and a wife. And I have to say, it’s costly to have kids these days. This position is going to provide me the opportunity to give my family a new life. And that’s something that I can’t pass up.”

This is an example of answering this common interview question the wrong way. It focuses on employee benefits and compensation rather than an exchange of value between the employer and employee. Job seekers should avoid speaking about company or employee benefits (healthcare, free food, or other benefits) when answering this question.

Strong or good answer

Strong answer: “I’ve had the opportunity to get mentored by several medical professionals in my career. A hospital administrator who was very passionate about patient care. She worked closely with the nurses to provide optimal care guidelines for us to follow. I learned so much working with that hospital administrator. One day, I hope to begin to advance myself toward a management position. A position that allows me to mentor others as she did for me. To get to that point in my career, there are skills and abilities that I need to develop. The only way to do that is by getting exposed to them and making mistakes but learn from them. This job opportunity provides me the chance to use my current knowledge and skills while gaining some managerial experience.”

Tip: Explaining how an interview answer got "arrived at" is a great way to show the level of thought put behind each interview answer. Also, it can assist the interviewer or the hiring manager with more clearly comprehending the answer. And since it provides the "background" on how the interviewee arrived at the response. Be sure the explanation doesn't push the interview answer past a 90-second response.

There is no “perfect answer” to this interview question since a candidate can’t predict what the hiring manager is seeking from an ideal candidate. But the example above displays a more robust way to position the candidate for the opportunity and answer the job interview question appropriately.

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Example Answers to “Why Did You Apply For This Position?”

Below are sample answers to the interview question, “Why did you apply for this position?” and "Why are you interested in this position?"

1. Sample answer using previous experience

Sample answer: “If you take a look at my previous experience. You can see that I’ve had a long history of working within the software engineering industry. And I’ve been an individual contributor for several years. I was working closely with CTO’s and other Vice Presidents. I’ve received a healthy amount of mentorship. And I feel ready to move onto the next steps in my career. One day, I would like to become a CTO myself and mentor other software engineers who have the same passion for the industry. To get there, I believe it’s going to be crucial that I learn to manage software engineers using the mentorship I’ve received. And apply my skills. I noticed this job during my job search, as it has the opportunity to work with a small engineering team. And that seems like a great fit for me and my skills.”

2. Sample answer using previous experience

Sample answer: “I’ve spent many years as a Product Designer. I was working closely with companies like Apple, Netflix, and Facebook. I’ve learned a significant amount while working with these great companies. But unfortunately, with my current job, there is a lack of upward mobility. Mobility would provide me the opportunity to be in a managerial position. And this is something that I desire to do with my career. This position appeals to me because it has several opportunities to work closely with other designers, marketers, and managers. And seems like a good fit for my skills.”

3. Sample answer based on previous job

Sample answer: “I was thrilled with my previous job. I was exposed to multiple departments, the marketing department, the sales department, and more. But I started to feel as though I’ve learned all that I could from the job. And I decided I needed to get exposed to a new industry. I want to join an industry where I have more passion for the mission and the problems getting solved. I noticed this opportunity during my job search and decided to apply. This job opportunity would allow me to use my skill sets while applying them to a new industry. Allowing me to make a career transition more smoothly.”

4. Sample answer based on being exposed to new skills

Sample answer: "This position is one that will expose me to retail experience that will be pivotal in my career. When I think of this company, I think of providing a world-class customer experience. And high-quality product with short and minimal wait times for customers. When I enter the retail location, I'm always taken care of quickly. And addressed as a customer almost immediately. This tells me the coordination and high caliber of training each employee receives. Training that is something I will be able to benefit from in my career."

5. Sample answer when building a brand

Sample answer: "When I see how many customers are loyal to this brand on social media, it's inspiring to me. The brand is clearly resonant with multiple people across the country. Multiple lives and stories. Building a brand like that is very difficult to do. And if I can be exposed to maintaining a brand of that caliber. Then maybe one day, I can learn how to develop a brand of my own. At the same time, I don't have those aspirations in the near-term. I want to start my own business one day. And this experience can be beneficial in me learning how to establish trust with customers and provide them a service they're happy with."

6. Sample answer based on training

Sample answer: "When I visit one of the store locations, I notice a great deal of teamwork amongst the associates and the employees. I notice that each person coordinates with the other colleague efficiently and with ease. This tells me that the work environment provides value to other associates. Working together, team building, and ensuring that effort pays off for the customer. I want to be around others who are passionate about the same things I am, including the store's products. Assisting customers seems like tapping into passions, rather than "doing a duty," I'd really like to be around others who are like myself."

7. Sample answer based on products and services

Sample answer: "I have always had a passion for the products offered here. For me, I've been a customer for several years. And I've admired the work environment, customer experience, and the end product. If I can be around products that inspire me, this would be a true gift. I can learn great cash handling skills, retail skills, and customer service skills. At the same time, I can use my knowledge of the products and services to my advantage. And provide the customer with a wonderful experience. I feel this is a great exchange of value between me, the employee, and the employer."

8. Sample answer based on career aspirations

Sample answer: "A substantial career aspiration for me is to develop a brand with a healthy amount of customer loyalty. And do so by executing what I see this company doing. That includes great customer service and knowledge of products. Or customized and tailored ways of addressing the customer problem. And building a long-lasting relationship with the customer through high-quality services. And while it's an aspiration to become a manager or maybe one day have my own business. I see a long road ahead where I need to gain proper knowledge, experience, skills, and expertise in the field. This position will expose me to some of those skills and the proper knowledge to start my career path. I'm able to use my knowledge of the products and services to provide an optimal customer experience. And then, in return, learn more about how to operationalize and commercialize a business of this kind."

9. Sample answer based on new department exposure

Sample answer: "Currently, I'm a software engineer at [XYZ Company], but I'm not exposed to the marketing department or sales departments objectives. For me, this is a significant loss in gaining upward mobility in my career without seeing where my work gets applied. Or trying to connect with stakeholders about how my work needs to be utilized. I'm not able to fully develop software that can assist my teammates. This position sounds like a key part of it is having a multidisciplinary experience and communicating with teammates across multiple disciplines. This will be a value for me. And I will be able to apply my senior engineering skills to the company and hopefully achieve great results together."

Sample Answer for Customer Service

Sample answer: I've had customer service issues that I've addressed with this company in the past. I've always experienced something wonderful from the team. At the same time, other customer service issues I've had at other companies were not optimal for a customer experience. It's clear the training, teamwork, and collaboration are world-class here. That's why I want to work here.

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Sample Answer for Software Engineering

Sample answer: I'm interested in this position because it appears like the engineers will have to work closely with other business disciplines. In my prior job, I wasn't exposed to other disciplines and departments. This didn't let me understand how my work was being utilized, which could have allowed me to advance the software or engineering efforts. Being exposed to other departments will force me to write better software. And communicate effectively, delivering results for the teams in a more direct fashion.


Common questions from job seekers.

What part of the interview process is this question asked most frequently?

Most commonly, this question is asked as a qualifying question during the phone interview. When the employer decides to invite the candidate to a face-to-face interview (or the “second interview”). The employer should understand the candidate’s underlying passions and reason for applying to the position.

Is this a behavioral question?

No. A behavioral interview question starts with “Tell me about a time.” And presents the opportunity to share a structured story that helps employers predict future work performance. The interview question “Why did you apply for this job?” is more closely related to an icebreaker question, where it initiates a conversation.

What should I do if my interview answer isn’t clear?

When answering the interview question, if it feels as though the hiring manager doesn’t clearly understand the reason for applying to the position. Then start over. It’s okay to say, “You know what, this doesn’t sound like I’m communicating this clearly; let me start over, is that okay?” The hiring manager will accommodate this request and appreciate that the candidate is listening to themselves communicate and desiring to start over.

What if the question is, "Why are you interested in this company?"

That's a variation of this question. And while the structure should be the same, the response should contain details of the work culture, products, services, and history of the company. Or the company's objectives. And then how those objectives will serve the candidate well in their career. Remember, this is not the same question as "Why are you interested in this position?" Because the keyword is position and company. The interviewer is asking about a different set of requirements from the candidate. If this question is asked, only speak about why the company is unique, not what the position can provide in career path development.

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Why are you interested in this position perfect answer? ›

I see this opportunity as a way to contribute to an exciting/forward-thinking/fast-moving company/industry, and I feel I can do so by/with my …” “I feel my skills are particularly well-suited to this position because …” “I believe I have the type of knowledge to succeed in this role and at the company because …”

How do you answer what has interested you in this position? ›

Compare the job description with your experience, and explain how you'll be able to contribute, again using examples from your past to demonstrate success. Discuss your fit with company culture. Mention your interest in career progression (if relevant).

Why do you want this position sample answer? ›

Sample answer #1 for why you want this job:

I was excited because that's a strength of mine and I think that not only would this position fit what I'm targeting, but it would also allow me to come in and have an immediate impact and make the best use of my skills.”

What makes you a good fit for this job? ›

Think about mentioning: Your job ethic and personality and how they are reflected in your work. A unique skill that would make you stand out in a team. A time your individuality or innovation helped your team achieve a goal.

Why are you interested in this position target? ›

Good Answers:

Friendly and motivating working environment is what I imagine when I hear Target. I would be proud to work for this company. To be honest, the main reason is the location of this store. I live just ten minutes away and it will be very convenient for me to work here.

What are your interests interview answer? ›

If you're talking about a work-related interest, make sure it's clear how your interest makes you a stronger candidate. If you're talking about a personal interest, you might mention a few of the skills the interest has taught you, but you don't need to directly connect it back to the job at hand.

What interests you about this position How does this position fit with your career goals? ›

My general response to this question would concentrate on what I'm going to learn from this job: “I would say that my career path is such that my career serves me, and I serve my career. I'm looking to grow and become more and contribute more and be more than I am today in my next role.

What to say when asked why do you want to work for Target? ›

I am interested in working for Target because I have never had a bad shopping experience in any of their stores. The Team members are always kind and helpful and the stores are generally well organizaed and well clean.

How do I pass my Target interview? ›

The best way to respond to this question is to describe the skills and experience that you have which directly correlate with the job you are applying for. With this in mind, review the job description and reassure the interviewer that you have the experience and skills to do the job.

Why are you interested in this position Yahoo Answers? ›

-- "I researched your company's values and mission statement and they really resonate with me. VALUE NAME is also a professional value of mine that I try to live by daily. I believe that makes me a great fit for this position, and I would strive to help the department implement those values on a greater scale."

What are the 6 areas of interest? ›

Turn interests into career development

The Strong Interest Inventory assessment helps individuals identify their work personality by exploring their interests in six broad areas: realistic, artistic, investigative, social, enterprising, and conventional (often referred to using the acronym RIASEC). ).

What can you be interested in? ›

Make a list of interests and hobbies
  • Health and fitness. Your health is the most important value you have to preserve. ...
  • Culture. If you can keep your body running smoothly, then next, you need some food for thought. ...
  • 3. Entertainment. Now it's time for rest. ...
  • Self-development. ...
  • Business and career. ...
  • Family.

What are your 3 biggest strengths? ›

Some examples of strengths you might mention include:
  • Creativity.
  • Discipline.
  • Patience.
  • Respectfulness.
  • Determination.
  • Dedication.
  • Honesty.
  • Versatility.

What makes you a good fit for this job? ›

Think about mentioning: Your job ethic and personality and how they are reflected in your work. A unique skill that would make you stand out in a team. A time your individuality or innovation helped your team achieve a goal.

Not sure how to answer the why do you want to work here interview question? Check out our how-to guide! 10+ best answers and examples included!

An engaged employee that is aligned with the company's mission and values will be more productive and stay at the company longer.. The hiring manager is trying to find out if that person is you.. Hiring managers do not appreciate a generic answer like, “This is a great place to work and I would love to be on the team.”. Instead, design a response that demonstrates how your personal goals are in line with the values of the organization.. Giving back and volunteering is a significant part of my own personal values, and I remember feeling excited that a company values the community as much as I do.. Explanation: By responding with the values that are important and demonstrating how those align with the company, this candidate is showing that they would be delighted and fulfilled working at this company.. The hiring manager will love to hear responses like this.. As a user of the products, this candidate demonstrates that they are already knowledgeable about what the company does, and how much they want to be a part of the team.. I would love to join your innovative team, continue to create great work, and grow within the company by learning new skills.. Explanation: Speaking to the reputation of the company is something that the hiring manager will love, as they are working hard to make their company a better place to work and getting recognized for their efforts is something they will like to hear.. Sometimes, when the hiring manager asks, “Why do you want to work here?” they are looking for two answers, why do you like our company and why do you like this position.. There's nothing I love more than when I am working with other engaged individuals towards a common goal, and that's what excited me about working here.. After following you and observing your job openings for several years while working my way up at a smaller marketing firm, I believe I am now ready to join your exceptional team, enhancing and driving forward a brand that is a natural extension of my own beliefs.. Explanation: Honesty is always appreciated by the hiring manager, and it’s okay to admit if the candidate had no knowledge of the company before they applied.

An interview is a set of several questions designed in a thoughtful manner so as to evaluate your personality, body language, and behavioral aspects. This is

This is a common interview question and is asked in the interview process for various positions across the world.. This is the primary reason where people tend to shift from their high-paying job to lower-paying jobs offering superior perquisites.. A superior job offered by an inconsequential company is often dull in front of a simple job offered by a highly reputable and profitable company.. Sometimes, it is the organization and its brand name that attracts you towards a position advertised instead of the duties to be performed in the position.. I believe, the investments made by this organization in its employees and the managerial positions offered are too much to ask for and this satisfies all my needs to the core.. After going through the job description issued by the hiring manager, I believe the duties expected by the organization match my skillset in a complete manner.. This motivates me to work in this position, as I believe such overseas tours not only adds value to your resume but also help you to garner huge work experience.. The position offered by the company is senior to the position at which I was working in my previous stint.. In addition to this, the tasks to be performed in this position would vastly improve my skill set and knowledge, which will ultimately help me in career advancement.. In addition to this, the infrastructure offered by the organization to its employees is commendable and I am deeply impressed with the level of technologies adopted by the company for this position.. I have gone through the modus operandi or procedures followed by the organization in order to complete the tasks to be performed under this position.. Since the hiring is for a managerial position, this job has the ability to improve my leadership as well as communication skills which would help me immensely in advancing my career.. A perfect salary, flexible timings, and close proximity of the office to my house, along with skill-enhancing duties and tasks to be performed, make this position attractive and lucrative to me.

How to answer the common interview question "why are you interested in this position?". Includes example answers as well as tips and mistakes to avoid...

Alright, before we dig into how to answer this question – and ones like “What interests you about this position?” or “Why are you interested in this job?” – let’s take a step back.. It’s a question designed to help the hiring manager figure out why you want to take on the associated duties and responsibilities, and to make sure that you actually understand what the job entails.. FREE BONUS PDF CHEAT SHEET: Get our " Job Interview Questions & Answers PDF Cheat Sheet " that gives you " word-word sample answers to the most common job interview questions you'll face at your next interview .. So, let’s talk about how to create a standout answer for questions like “What interests you about this role?” and “Why are you interested in this job?” Luckily, it’s pretty easy to get headed in the right direction if you use the proper strategy.. If you can see how this job fits into your broader plan, you can share that with the hiring manager, making it easier to answer this question.. Download our " Job Interview Questions & Answers PDF Cheat Sheet " that gives you word-for-word sample answers to some of the most common interview questions including:

Answers for Why Do You Want to Work Here? In the search for a position, every job seeker will be faced with a question that may be seemingly obvious. A question that does not seem even to warrant an answer.

An engaged employee that is aligned with the company's mission and values will be more productive and stay at the company longer.. You need to prove that you’ve done the research on the company, that your core values match the objectives of the company, and that you will enjoy working there.. For example, if the company values community service, talk about your volunteer work and how you want to be a part of a team that is doing good in the community.. Giving back and volunteering is a significant part of my own personal values, and I remember feeling excited that a company values the community as much as I do.. Explanation: By responding with the values that are important and demonstrating how those align with the company, this candidate is showing that they would be delighted and fulfilled working at this company.. Explanation: The candidate directly refers to the quality of the company's products here, which is flattering for the hiring manager to hear.. I would love to join your innovative team, continue to create great work, and grow within the company by learning new skills.. Explanation: Speaking to the reputation of the company is something that the hiring manager will love, as they are working hard to make their company a better place to work and getting recognized for their efforts is something they will like to hear.. By demonstrating that there is a built-in network, the hiring manager might be more likely to hire this person because they know the employee will be happy at their company.. Explanation: This response ties together the company, the role, and the candidate’s values all in one.. Sometimes, when the hiring manager asks, “Why do you want to work here?” they are looking for two answers, why do you like our company and why do you like this position.. After finding out more information about your company from social media, I can clearly see how my goals align with the purposes of the company.. By saying the exact ways that the candidate’s mission matches the company’s mission, the hiring manager will recognize that this person did their homework and is excellent for further developing and upholding the values of the organization.. Always remember to show that you’ve done your homework and tie in the company values to your own values and this interview question will never trip you up.

We apply for jobs for a variety of reasons. More often than not, we simply need a job–any decent position, to pay our bills, keep our head above water, and […]

And they also hope to hear about your strengths, personality, and preferences, that happens to be a good match for the position in question.. Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers to the question.. Obviously the salary is also better , and the benefits, so I see no reason why I would not be interested in the position you advertise.. And I do not want to work only to make money.. If you apply for a position not many people are interested in , for some difficult job with low payment, such as working on a construction site, honesty is your best bet.

The question: Why are you interested in this position? The answer: You freeze! Should you be honest or is it just a test you might fail? Here’s what to say for a great interview.

The clues to a great answer to why you want the job can be found by studying the job description.. Make sure you understand what the hiring company is looking for in a candidate and what the responsibilities of the role are.. Applying those tips, here are a few example answers showing your interest and why you're a great match for the position .. Notice the key words and phrases used, pulled from the job description, and how the applicants' experience is compared to the job they're applying for.. In my previous role, I worked in customer success and account management where I was the trusted advisor for all clients and organizations.. My experience working in fast-paced environments gave me the adaptability to work through any situation, develop relationships, build trust with clients, and have empathy and compassion while working with different types of people.. As you prep and develop your response to the "why are you interested" question, make sure to avoid these key mistakes.. For example, you may want to enter into a customer success role and use it as a stepping stone to eventually transition into product management , but the company doesn’t need to know that.. The recruiter and hiring manager want to know your commitment to the role you applied for.. Keep your answers tied to the position you're interviewing for.. Many candidates make the mistake of mentioning how much they’d love to learn from a role and what being in the role will teach them.. Bring up past experience that matches the job description to show them you’re the right fit.. As long as you’re positive, eager, and show you’re capable of handling the role, you have a good chance of moving forward to the next round.

'Why are you Interested in this Position' question is asked to test the self-confidence of the candidate.These 16 tips will help you to answer this question

An interview is a session where series of questions are shot and tackling and answering them in the right manner is necessary in order to gain entry for a job.. The following mentioned are few tips to answer “why you are interested in this position” and “ why do you want this job “.. When “ why do you want to work at our company ” question is probed, the candidate should remember to say that he is more interested in the job responsibilities.. When you are probed with such an interview question “why are you interested in this position”, never mention that you like the position as it has no work and it’s all fun.. Instead of focusing more on the job role and its qualities, it would be good if the candidate mentions other reasons such as an opportunity to work with smart individuals , working in a perfect and secured environment and many more answers like these can also be smart ways to handle the interview question “why do you want to work here”.. You can mention that the main part of the job role mentions the skills and experiences you possess and hence you like the role.. Knowledge, appropriate skills and enthusiasm for the company are few aspects that would help you frame answers for that particular question.. When such a question “what interests you about this job” is probed, it stands to be an excellent opportunity to show the knowledge you know about the company.. When you start speaking about the company, too much of a statement can leave you being raised with a red flag and hence it is always good to speak about the skills and talents and how these skills and talents can add to the benefit of the employee and the company.. Make sure that the answers you offer to the recruiter should be relevant ones based on skills, experience, and other aspects in a professional manner.. The candidate can mention that he can learn marketing skills, quantitative analysis, and lot more, but the interviewer is looking forward for answers what you have for the company as they are going to invest on the candidate.. Prepare answers in a way that your skills and experience add to the company’s goals.. This can also be a tip to answer the tricky question why one is appropriate for this position?

Why are you interested in this position is one of the most common questions you may be asked in an interview. We'll show you how to answer it!

Then, we’ll look at a 5 step formula to craft your answer and some examples of how to answer why are you interested in this position!. On top of that, research on hiring shows a bad hire can also negatively affect things like company morale, team productivity, and client relationships.. So, what’s the real motive with this interview question?. There’s a risk a bad hire could quit soon after starting.. There are 5 steps to preparing a strong answer to this question.. A good answer shows you understand the position.. An excellent answer shows you understand what problems the position helps the company solve.. For example, you could speak to current employees , listen to the company earnings calls, find executive level employee interviews, or ask questions about the company on a site like Quora.. If you connect with recruiters or employees, ask questions like, “What role did this department have in helping the company achieve x result?” When reading the job description, look for core responsibilities that would most likely aid in finding a solution to the problem.. I understand that x is currently a pain problem for this company.. In my current job, I’ve helped our company solve similar problems.. I love that you guys are also looking to adapt and embrace the opportunity to innovate.. Does what I’m saying match what you see as the primary goals for the person hired for this position?”. When asking about your interest in the position, interviewers are essentially asking “why are you a good fit for this position?” and “ Why do you want to want to work here?. Research the company’s current pain points Understand how the position helps to alleviate the company’s pain Center your answer around the skills and experience that show you can solve that problem Show how the position and company culture fit your career goals and personality Keep the conversation going with a relevant follow-up question

When the interviewer asks, "Why are you the best candidate for this position?" they're looking for a couple of things: They want a direct, confident answer. And they want to see evidence that you understand

In this article, I’m going to share how to respond to this question – including what to say, what NOT to say, and word-for-word example answers so that you’ll be confident and ready to answer in your next job interview.. What are the top tasks/activities you’ll be doing in this role?. That’s going to set you up to give a much better answer to questions like, “Why are you the best candidate for the job?”. However, you should run through your answer a few times to make sure you’re hitting the key ideas you want to talk about when they ask, “why are you the best person for this job?”. To stand out even further, you can end your response with a question directed back at them.. Next, let’s look at two sample answers for how you could answer questions about why you’re the best person for the job.. “I believe I am the best candidate for this position because I have direct experience in many areas mentioned in the job description, including customer service and project leadership.. So along with bringing the hard-skills that you’re looking for in the job description – like customer service experience and the ability to supervise a team – you won’t find someone as excited and passionate about the brand as I am.”. While you don’t know what other job seekers bring to the table, you can stand out by showing that you’ve researched the job and company, and by highlighting the specific skills/experiences in your background that will help you step into their job and succeed.. Finally, end your answer with a question directed back at them and you can turn the interview into a back-and-forth conversation to show confidence and make them view you more like a colleague (and therefore someone they should hire!)

This is usually one of the first questions asked in an interview, and you shouldn’t wing your answer.

Workplace advice columnist Alison Green answers all your questions about office life.. Here’s how to answer this question well.. Mostly candidates respond with something about why they connect to the work, and often those answers sound more or less the same.. If your interviewer asks why you’re interested in the job, it’s important that you actually sound interested.. If it is, they inevitably get a lot of applicants who are excited about the idea of working there without thinking through the realities of the job itself.Employers appreciate when people are excited about the company, but they generally want to hire people who are invested in and enthusiastic about the job they’ll actually be doing.. Typically, a good answer to “why does this job interest you?” will not only explain what appeals to you about the job, but also explain how it fits in with your career path.. It might be — that’s how careers work, after all — but your interviewer wants to make sure that you’ll be satisfied doing this job for at least the next couple of years.. Sometimes this question can feel hard to answer because the reality is that you’re really not very interested in the job, but you need a paycheck.

How to respond when asked "Why do you want this job?" at an interview, with examples of the best answers, what not to say, and tips for answering.

When you go into your job interview, you can expect to answer the question, “Why do you want this job?” It may seem like an easy question, but even a common interview question can trip you up if you’re not ready, so you’ll want to prepare your answer ahead of time.. When answering this question, you want to show that you have researched the company and can prove that you are a good fit for the job.. Below are some of the best job interview answers for when the interviewer asks why you want the job.. Expand Why It Works: This answer is extremely effective because it uses a quantifiable example of the candidate’s previous achievement in sales and marketing, as well as reminding the interviewer that he or she can offer a decade of professional, industry-specific experience to the company.. Expand Why It Works: This answer proves that the candidate has done their homework in researching the company online, as well as considering how they could practically contribute to current business and production initiatives.. Expand Why It Works: This answer demonstrates the candidate's passion and enthusiasm for her work – always a winning trait in a job candidate.. Expand Why It Works: This answer is solid because it lists the soft skills that the candidate can contribute to the employer’s project initiatives, including versatility in being able to work on simultaneous projects.. To prepare your answer, make a list of the requirements of the job (as explained in the job listing ), and then note which requirements fit your skills and experience.. Remember that you want to focus on how you can benefit the company, not how the company or job can benefit you.. Although the sample answers here allude to the candidates’ experience, they do so merely to demonstrate how the interviewees have the number of years of experience listed in the “minimum qualifications” section of the job listing.

"What interests you about this job?" is a common question in job interviews. Learn strategies for what to say, what not to say, and the best answers.

Regardless of the job you're interviewing for, there are a few general questions that you're likely to be asked, such as “What interests you about this job?” In addition to learning about whether you're a good fit for the role, your response will show the interviewer how much you've learned about the organization.. To help prepare for the interview, carefully read the job posting, noting the stated requirements regarding skills and experience.. If the job listing is short, and there is little or no information on the company website, you can look up similar job listings on sites like Indeed.com.. For example, answers like “I want a job that will help me build my career” make you seem more focused on yourself rather than how your background benefits the company.. Be sure to customize these answers to fit your experience and the job you're applying for.. I'm interested in this job because it would allow me to use my previous experience while continuing to develop my expertise in new areas of responsibility.. While there's no perfect answer that fits every job and every situation, the following tips can help you give an answer that will impress your interviewer:. Look for similar job postings on online job sites.. Try to match your job skills and experiences to the company’s stated requirements and the requirements of similar roles elsewhere.. When an interviewer asks why you're interested in the job, be sure to avoid making these mistakes:. Your interviewer wants to know how your experience matches up with the responsibilities of the job.. Emphasize the company and its mission, with a nod to your job skills, instead of focusing on yourself.

Interested in learning how to answer, "Why are you interested in this position"? Learn the tips and tricks to answering this question like a pro today!

Why are you interested in this position?. Generally, a hiring manager wants to see what value a candidate can bring to a company.. By answering this question, you can assure a hiring manager that you fully understand the position you are applying for.. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all answer that you can use in every job interview.. In this article, we’ll cover how to answer “Why are you interested in this position?” and provide some examples to help you prepare.. This lack of preparation can also come across in your interviews , manifesting as vague or uncertain answers to interview questions.. This will allow you to show the hiring manager that you have a genuine interest in working for the company.. Company and position research is also beneficial for answering “Why am I interested in this position?”. Company research also helps you craft your answer by giving you values or objectives you align with.. In your interview answer, you can specifically reference company initiatives or programs you found interesting.. What is something unique about the position or company that interests you?. Sample #1 – Entry Level Technology As a recent college graduate, I’ve spent the last four years preparing for a role in the technology industry .. We hope this guide to how to answer “Why am I interested in this position?”, was helpful for your interview preparation.

In a job interview, this question allows you to showcase your abilities and experience. If you want to make a good impression on the hiring manager, you need to focus your answer on the company.

When I worked at ABCD Corporation, I managed teams of eight to 12 people, most of them with no more than two years of professional experience.. The candidate also shows they’ve gotten excellent results working with similar teams before.. Key Takeaways: The candidate highlights some of their experience, skills, and notable achievements that show they are the best candidate for the job.. I am passionate about helping them learn a second language and understand different cultures.. Example Answer: My resume shows that I have the experience and skills that make me a great fit for this job.. Example Answer: I have four years of experience working with social media management and content marketing.. Key Takeaways: It shows the candidate’s relevant skills, experience, and passion for the job.. I’ve been working as a Sales Manager for the last three years.. It also shows their skills and experience.. Key Takeaways: It shows that the candidate has a previous experience that is similar to what the company is looking for.. The candidate shows how they can be helpful to the company because of their previous experience.. And go get that job!

You probably think this interview question is all about you. It’s not.

Basically, your answer to this question says a lot about all of the most important things an interviewer is evaluating: what skills you have, how interested you are in this job (and why ), and what you’ll bring to this team or company .. With “Why do you want this job?” interviewers aren’t asking, “Why do you want to be an accountant?” they’re asking, “Why do you want this accounting position at this organization?” They want to know what motivated you to apply and why this position makes sense for you (and, of course, why you make sense for the company).. You can talk all day about how excited you’d be to join the team, but it will only sound genuine if you actually know a thing or two about the company .. Keep it short—you’ll have plenty of opportunities to talk about how you got your skills and share relevant stories throughout the interview.. Of course, you don’t have to state specifically that you see yourself in the position for a long time.. Not talking about the company: Think about it this way: You can bring your skills anywhere.. Only saying what’s in it for you: Maybe this job would give you the chance to learn a lot about marketing, or it’s an opportunity to grow your quantitative analysis skills—that’s great, but your interviewer wants to know what’s in it for the company, too.. Say you’re interviewing for an investment analyst job at a small quantitative asset management company.. Your answer might sound something like this:. Or if you’re interviewing for a social media position at a gaming company you might say:. So I was psyched when I came across this posting for a social media manager with TikTok experience.. So when I saw this posting for a fundraising role, it felt like it was meant to be.

A common interview question employers ask during job interviews is, "Why are you interested in this position?" They want to know why you want to work at their company, and the specific motivation behind why you applied for the job (not that you need a paycheck).

TA is leveraged to understand what skills and competencies are to be recruited, how they should be managed, and what expectations new hires (and current team members) should have regarding job performance, competencies, career progress, and compensation.. Fit for Purpose Job Descriptions: To provide robust, well-defined job descriptions that clearly define role profiles within your organization.. Career Path and Salary Range: The talent architecture creates spans and layers within each job function that makes it clear to existing staff what it takes to get to the next level, the expectations of those occupying each role, and the salary band for that particular job.. When you design the spans and layers, HR will coach the CDAO to be people agnostic and not to think about the existing team but rather what roles are needed for the function and how they will calibrate to the market and best practices and the desired end state organization.. The talent architecture helps create credibility for the organization's role and the team, with all stakeholders aware that the position is part of an endorsed competency center of excellence.. Organizational Transparency: Clarity of job functions and associated levels creates and builds trust with the professionals on the team and rational thinking and understanding of the function by management.. There can be many job functions within this architecture, each with a role profile having the following essentials:. Role Title Role Description and Key Responsibilities: The essence of what the role does.. Competency Level: The level of knowledge that the holder of the role should possess, for example, from Knowledge of to Competent to Expert level capabilities.. Working team leader manages other data scientists using machine learning to transform data into predictive models applied to solve business problems for business partners.. Data science: Expert Business knowledge and translation skills level: Expert Technical skills: Advanced. Data science: Expert Business knowledge and translation skills level: Advanced Technical skills: Expert. The dedicated technology team works with HR to make the role profiles and full TA available to enterprise recruiting and LOB teams.

A very commonly asked question in HR interviews these days is – ‘Why do you want this job?’ – It seems like another random question, but a good answer to this one can actually win you your dream job. So get set and start your preparation with the answers compiled here.

“In my career, I am sure of one thing and that is I want to build a decent career in my current domain.. I have spent a significant amount of time in developing and nurturing my skills and this I feel is the best platform for me to apply each one of them completely, as the job description is exactly what I had been looking for all these years.”. “I think there comes a point in everyone’s life where they ask themselves, ‘What if I could have stood up for myself to accept and take care of a challenge on my own?’ This job opportunity has actually made me ask this question to myself.. Also, it can motivate me to work hard, sharpen my skills and acquire more knowledge in this field.. I mean, working with such a reputed organization is one of the most promising plus points about this position, but it is not the only one.. “It is time for me to move on to a bigger responsibility in my life.. This position at your company is offering a decent amount of scope to portray responsibility.. I already have great decision-making skills that are essential for this work profile, both as an individual and also in a team.. The technical skill sets that I will get to work upon, with this job, can later become a significant part of my career.. The world opens new doors for people who can do different tasks with efficiency, and I am that kind of a person.. I want to work in a place where my efforts would not go unnoticed, ever!Hence, I feel that your organization is a perfect match for me.”. So, in order to win the race, I need an opportunity like this one to actually stand out and prove my worth.. “As I look forward to begin my career, I need to place things in their right positions.

In an interview, you will often face these questions that the employers ask to see if you are qualified enough to be hired for a particular role in a company.

In an interview, you will often face these questions that the employers ask to see if you are qualified enough to be hired for a particular role in a company.. Employers want to hire the best candidate who has all the relevant skills like resilience, adaptability, communication skills, interpersonal skills, ability to work in a team, etc.. You will need to prove to the employer that you are an ideal candidate for the job, so comes the need to prepare to answer such questions in an interview.. Align your skills and strengths that can demonstrate your personality and traits and even your experience with the job requirements written in the job description.. Focus on demonstrating what values and qualities you are bringing to the role in the company and how will it help the employer.. Show that you are passionate enough to be hired for this job.. Share your ideas that you have and experiences that you’ve had that you can contribute to the position and the company.. Being a part of this field for so long, I have developed a great skill-set that will help me and this organization work effectively and efficiently.. I knew how to judge a person to be able to hire the right candidate for the right job.. I am aware of the fact that you want to hire the best possible candidate for this job and I believe I am qualified and serious about this job.. “I make a great manager.. But I do believe that I am qualified enough to learn and get trained to bring out the best possible in me.. I do lack some qualities and experience but I bring certain skill sets to this job that is enough for me to do this job.. “I believe I am the most qualified person for this position because I have worked in this field for 16 years now.. Being a senior, I know I will get to learn a lot from the fresh talent if I get to work with your company and this is why I consider this to be a perfect opportunity to share my skills and expertise.”

Do you know why you are interested in this position? Check out our blog with multiple tips and examples!

You can guarantee this question will come up and your answer should provide a solid foundation for the rest of the interview.. A candidate’s motivation and suitability for the role lies at the heart of every interview, so this question allows for an initial role-specific exploration of their individual fit.. As this is often one of the early interview questions, it is not one that demands a niche or particularly “clever” answer.. How to answer: “Why do you want this job?” Examples of good responses to “Why do you want this position?” Common mistakes when answering. As with every interview question, put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes.. You can steer the direction of the interview with your answers to questions such as this one.. A great answer to this question should therefore include the “home-run” reasons why you are a fantastic candidate, allowing the interviewer to mentally move on and ask about the subtler aspects of your fit.. How to answer: “Why do you think you are the best candidate for this position?” This is a trick question.. How to answer interview questions with the STAR method. There are far trickier interview questions, so keep this answer simple and powerful.. Every sentence in the answer to this question should have the potential to lead onto another strand of the interview.

When the question “What interests you about this position?”...

Really think to yourself, what is the interviewer trying to understand about me ?. Interviewers are looking for that.. In that mock interview answer, you can see how it got answered in a way that really shared part of your personal goals.. Just be very forward and say, “I’ve done a healthy amount of research about the company, and I feel like I understand what the mission is but can you help me to understand on a deeper level?” The manager you are interviewing with will absolutely appreciate that question and will be extremely likely to answer it.. And that’s answering this question with another question, “What wouldn’t interest me in the position?” — this is a little sales-like of the answer, yes.. And that, in itself, answers the interviewer's needs.. Questions about answering interview questions.. If they were to put you into that position and you didn't have a passion for it, the hiring manager probably wouldn't feel confident that you'll stay with the company for long.. This is a great answer when you aren't prepared to answer this question.. The goal is to convince your hiring manager that you not only fully understand what's required to show great leadership in the job function but that you are passionate about the problems you have to solve while on the job.. What interests you about this job?. Why are you interested in this job?

When the question ‘⭐WHY DO YOU WANT TO WORK HERE⭐?’ pops, there is an assumption that the answer will immediately flow. However, the question is not as easy as it appears. It requires one to take time to formulate the answer.

The one question most people dread in an interview is, ‘Why do you want to work here?’ It may leave the applicant scratching their head and biting their nails, trying to identify how to answer the question.. Image: pixabay.comSource: UGCIf there is a question that can make you doubt how prepared you are for an interview, it is ‘Why do you want to work here?’ Although the subject has no hidden meaning, it bothers the majority of individuals in the world.. Candidates have been known to have a notebook full of 'why do you want to work here' answers, but ultimately ended up biting their lip once this question is asked.. Image: pexels.comSource: UGCHere are some examples you can read through to help you draft your answer to the bugging question 'Why you want to work here?'. The answer is appealing because not only shows you have skills in marketing but also indicates that you are willing to work in a team towards the achievement of the organizational goals.. Image: pixabay.comSource: UGCThe answer shows that a candidate is declaring the company as their pleasant place of employment, and a company that gives its staff the opportunity of developing their projects and sharing their ideas.. The answer indicates that the candidate is up to date with the company’s trending subjects, and is very hardworking.. The answer from this example shows that the candidate is confident with his quality of work, and has gone ahead to tell the hiring committee to contact either the past managers of employees.. The answer indicates that the candidate has nothing to hide, and this makes the company more confident in hiring him or her.. The answer shows that the candidate is proud of the job, and has the experience, which makes him or her a suitable fit for the job requirements.. Image: pixabay.comSource: UGCFrom the answer, the candidate praises the organization, the employees, and the work environment.. It immediately struck me as a good job choice since for the past five years; I have been working with patient organizations that raise awareness of that prevalent, yet not widely acknowledged malady.. The candidate has acknowledged the organization and shows that the mission of the organization aligns with her or his interests.. After reading this article, I bet when you come across the question ‘Why do you want to work here?’, you will comfortably answer it.. Despite being a stumbling block for most candidates, it is, however, one of the most straightforward questions if one takes time to analyze the missions, vision statement, and goals of the organization.

What interests you about this position? The question that will almost always be asked during an interview and your response might make or break a job offer. Here’s how you can answer. -theJub

These questions will almost always be asked during an interview with your response potentially making or breaking a job offer.. What the interviewer is look for in your answer. How to answer “what interests you about this position?”. When the interviewer (recruiter or hiring manager) asks “what interests you about this job”, they are generally trying to open up the interview and learn more about you as a person (maybe even trying to throw you off track).. This is your chance to talk about what you find appealing about the position, in a positive and eager way.. By mentioning key skills from the job description, you will show hiring managers that you completely understand the role and that you are more than willing to tackle all aspects of the role.. Customize them to fit your experience and the job you're applying for.. Avoid basic/generic answers but instead be as specific to the role and company as possible.. Tags: what interests you about this position, what interests you about this job, what do you find interesting about this type of work, what about this position were you drawn to, what interests you about this position example answer, why are you interested in this position sample answer, what interests you about this company, why are you interested in this position, what about the role excites you and motivated you to apply, what appeals to you about this role examples, how to answer what interests you about this role, what interests you about this company, what excites you about this role examples

Find out why employers ask the "Why are you interested in this position?" interview question and learn how to answer it effectively to impress the employer.

Interviewing Interview Question: "Why Are You Interested in This Position?". When hiring managers ask the interview question, "Why are you interested in this position?". Although it's important to craft a response to this interview question that addresses your unique qualities and skills as it relates to the job, there are several steps you can take to prepare before the job interview:. Think about this question before the job interview so you can quickly answer the interviewer.. If you're applying for an architect position, you can use the sample response below when crafting your own for your job interview:

To be interesting, be interested. Demonstrate your interest in an interviewer's company and they might be compelled to hire you.

A candidate wouldn't say, "So, tell me why you want to hire me.". Just as a candidate needs to convince a hiring manager that they will add value if hired, a company needs to prove to a candidate that they are the best destination.. Why Does An Interviewer Ask This Question?. Answering a question correctly often depends on the interviewer's personal preferences.. An interviewer asks, "Why are you interested in our company (this position)?". In a business setting, there are few things more interesting to talk about than the company you are betting your career on.. Is the company making any exciting announcements about products, customers, or organization?. I didn't prepare for this interview question, but when the CEO asked me why I might leave a great company, the answer came easy.. Before you show up to that interview, answer this question for yourself.

Many people submit one job application after another. Is it also your case? Job search is a game of numbers, and we just benefit from the opportunities modern technologies and […]

Many people submit one job application after another.. It’s easy to apply for yet another job offer when we can do it with few clicks of the mouse…. However, if you are serious about your application , if you really want to work for a certain company, you should know WHY.. In most cases it is the primary reason why people apply for jobs, especially if we talk about manual labor and entry-level positions in retail or administrative.. Research the website of the company, check their reviews on Google, follow their social media activity.. It can be the company culture, their vision, goals, benefits they offer for their employees, their product portfolio, etc.. I have read references from your employees online.. I’d like to continue my career in this field, and that’s why I decided to apply with you.. On the top of that, I have read amazing things about your training program, and I am eager to learn a lot of things in the company.. This is my first job application, and I was looking for a place where I can learn a lot, and grow professionally.. I identified your company as such a place, and decided to apply.. sample answers to why do you want to work for us, PDF Though most people apply for a job with various companies, and do not have a favorite place for work, you should try to convince the interviewers that their company is your first choice, your favorite place .. Interview questions for different job titles – Questions differs in interviews for various jobs.. Pick your position from the list and learn exactly what to expect once you meet the employer.. He helps job seekers from all walks of life to pursue their career goals, and to prepare for their interviews.


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